Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is there anybody out there?

Where are you, friends?  Are you finding the cards?  Are you finding this page?

Never fear, dear readers.  At its heart, this is an experiment.  I am already planning a "Phase 2", if you will, to see if it invites more responses.  This project will always be changing, developing, and growing.  If my first round of cards don't get a response, maybe the second round will.

Connect, friends.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Estranged... Found you online from your card in my mind... that is to say... Whenever an idea or concept pops into my head, I google it to make sure someone is not already doing it. So I did, and here you are. Different conceptual use of the term than what I would do but I love this concept so kudos to you! Funny that I was just in DC on a job in the fall and fell in love with it. I have a friend there from 100 years ago in Colorado. I want to move there and find company among the well dressed, dramatically posed statues and wander the art museums as though each one is it's own planet that I have arrived at via subway spaceship. What scares me... being temporarily stuck in PA, detoured. What makes me happy... the endless possibilities in front of me, the work I created with a former partner... the idea of living in DC and travelling from there and coming home to it in the Spring to walk below the falling petals of cherry blossoms. Hope you're still there and all is right and would love to meet you someday in a little groovy cafe. Yay!